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23 Sep Puma Cargo

Client: Puma Cargo Expertise: Conceptual strategy and brand identity. Conceptual Strategy: Efficiency The symbol of the cougar connotes the effectivemess of the company's services....

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10 Feb Milizen Accessories

Client: Milizen Accessories Expertise: Conceptual strategy and brand identity. Conceptual Strategy: Rebirth A japanese flower as a symbol of beauty, fortress and sexual femininity, represents the rebirth of a new designer....

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08 Feb Milagros Mari. Jewelry designer.

Client: Milagros Marí. Jewelry Designer Expertise: Conceptual strategy, naming and brand identity. Conceptual Strategy: The doble "M" as symbol of the name of the designer introduces an elegant and contemporary brand. The icon of the logotype alludes to the material and shape of the product....

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